Congratulations to Chancellor-designate Frank; Stout Gives Back Day Dec. 3; student commencement speakers

History was made Tuesday at UW-Stout: the UW System Board of Regents approved the appointment of Katherine P. Frank as just the eighth chancellor of the institution and the first female leader in the school’s history.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the appointment. I had a chance to discuss many issues with our chancellor-designate when she was here for her campus appearance, and I believe that she is the right leader for UW-Stout at exactly the right time. I have informed Chancellor-designate Frank that I will do everything I can to ensure she has a very smooth transition as she takes office March 1.

We have a discussion scheduled for next week to start working out those details. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to the members of the search and screen committee for their hard work and dedication in finding our next leader. I can’t say enough about how Regent Jason Plante and Associate Professor Julie Bates-Maves led the committee and ensured that the campus felt a part of the decision-making process.

The campus members of the committee were Professor Anne Hoel; Robert Ward, CEO, Oaks Financial Services LLC and Alumni Association board member; Alexander Serier, director of Organizational Affairs of the Stout Student Association; and Lystra Yates, records manager in UW-Stout’s Registration and Records Office.

The other members of the Special Regent Committee were Regent Emeritus John Robert Behling, Regent Cris Peterson, Regent Carolyn Stanford Taylor and Regent Emeritus S. Mark Tyler. The official announcement can be found here

Katherine P. Frank

First Stout Gives Back day scheduled 

The UW-Stout campus community is very generous, and that is why I am sure it will embrace the first Stout Gives Back day on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The event is supported by Stout University Foundation to encourage donations for scholarships and other areas of critical need.

Donors can make undesignated gifts to Stout Gives Back or specify their gifts to an area of UW-Stout they would like to support. Selfie stations will be set up in the Memorial Student Center and Johnson Fieldhouse to encourage engagement. The event is part of National Day of Giving. More details on the day and how to participate are available here.

Student speakers will be on commencement program 

I also would like the campus to know that we have made a change to our commencement program to enhance the role students play in the ceremonies. Our two ceremonies Saturday, Dec. 14, will feature a student speaker at each event, with the speakers chosen from the colleges that are graduating at that time.

I have felt strongly for a long time that we needed to include student voices at an event that was all about student success, and I want to thank Dean of Students Sandi Scott and our commencement coordinator, Britta Miller, for making this change happen on pretty short notice.

And don’t worry: We won’t be extending the length of the ceremony. We are making an adjustment in the time allotted for the chancellor’s charge to the graduates to account for the student speaker, as well as a couple of other changes. More on commencement can be found here.


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