Homecoming provided many memories

I think I am finally pretty much dried out and warmed up from homecoming last Saturday. It sure was a soggy one, but I really enjoyed the experience. 

I’d like to thank the Homecoming Committee and Blue Devil Productions for working so hard on the week’s activities. The weather presented significant challenges, and everything went off as well as possible. 

I’d also like to thank those who participated in the Blue Devil Run/Walk and the parade. The high level of enthusiasm among the participants was very gratifying. I also enjoyed the football game — Coach Clayt Birmingham and his team gave UW-Oshkosh all it could handle. 

For photos and a video from homecoming, see the UW-Stout Facebook page. 

Cosmic bingo at homecoming.
UW-Stout Ambassadors in the parade
International students march in the homecoming parade.

Thanks to the organizers of the marketing and business education anniversary celebration 

Another highlight of last week was the 50th anniversary celebration for our marketing and business education program. Those who have studied UW-Stout’s history know that the origins of this program go back to the administration of William “Bud” Micheels, who became president in 1961 and led this institution on period of amazing and transformative growth. 

(For those who want more of this and other historical analysis, I highly recommend Jerry Poling’s book, “An Idea Comes of Age: UW-Stout, 1891-2016,” which is available here.) 

I want to thank the Alumni Association for their work on the evening, as well as the program director, Professor Debbie Stanislawski. It was a great evening, filled with many enjoyable memories of the last 50 years. 

UW-Stout alumni at the 50th anniversary celebration.

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