Another successful career conference; UW System officials visit; homecoming almost here

There is no more concrete evidence of the value that employers place on our graduates than the two jam-packed career conferences that we host every fall and spring in the Multipurpose Room of the Sports and Fitness Center. 

This is a tremendous undertaking by Bryan Barts and his hard-working staff in Career Services. Each fall and spring, about 400 employers flock to campus seeking students for either co-ops or to offer them positions after graduation.

The only complaint we hear from employers is that we don’t have enough students to offer them to fill their positions. 

I had a chance to visit the conference on Tuesday with UW System Regent Karen Walsh and heard from a number of employers — many of whom send our alumni back to campus on recruiting trips — just how valuable our graduates are in their workforce and how well they stack up against graduates from much larger institutions.

I want to thank Bryan and everyone in Career Services for yet another successful conference, held Tuesday and Wednesday. A news release with more details about the conference is available here

The spring conference is March 3-4, 2020. 

A visit by two UW System Board of Regents members 

Regent Walsh was joined by Regent Ed Manydeeds for discussions with several groups during their visit to UW-Stout on Tuesday. I am very appreciative of the dedication that our Regents bring to their duties.

It takes a tremendous amount of time to serve on the board, and they give of their time very generously. We discussed a number of a very important topics, and I personally learned a great deal about their priorities and concerns.

I also am confident that the Regents left UW-Stout with a better understanding of our special mission within the UW System and some of the concerns and issues we have as well. Both Regents are just starting their seven-year terms on the board, so it was valuable for them to visit Stout at the outset of their services.

I want to thank them for spending time at UW-Stout and helping us build a stronger relationship with the Board of Regents.

Make plans to participate in homecoming next week 

The week is our homecoming celebration, and I want to encourage the entire campus community to participate as much as you can. The event schedule is available here. The student activities schedule is available here and the alumni activities here.

Much like the career conference, a lot of planning and work goes into this celebration every year, and I’d like to thank the students, faculty and staff who work so hard on it, particularly the members of Blue Devil Productions and our homecoming committee.

By the way, my wife Audrey and I will be participating in the 5K Blue Devil Run on Saturday, Oct. 5, and would love to see you there. You can probably find us near the back of the pack!  

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